Engagement Session this Evening and Cannabis Application Update

Just a reminder that my next engagement session is this evening (Wednesday) from 7-8pm on Plastic recycling.  The session will be held on Zoom at: 


This will be a super practical session on plastic recycling. We will focus first on what kind of plastics can be recycled where, and then on what happens to waste, compost, plastics and other recycled materials here in our region. Bring your questions and your curiosity about all things recycling, compost and waste!

All are welcome, and advanced registration is not required.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to provide a brief update on the status of the cannabis store application in the UEL village.  As I shared in my previous email, BC’s Minister of Municipal Affairs announced her decision to support the rezoning application for a cannabis store within the UEL (located at 5784 University Boulevard).  Since that announcement, I have learned that the Minister’s decision making process involves publication of a notice not more than 60 days and not less than 30 days before making an order (i.e. a decision), which is the current status of the application, as described on the UEL’s website here.  Only after the Minister makes a final decision will the UEL be able to provide Metro Vancouver with the Minister’s decision and supporting documentation. The UEL expect to be able to provide an update on the application by early April.   (If you have questions related to the UEL’s decision making process, please contact UEL staff at PlanUEL@gov.bc.ca.)

The Metro Vancouver part of the decision making process (outlined here) has not changed, but because of the delay caused by the necessary 30-60 day notice of intent, I am not sure when this issue will come to the Metro Vancouver Electoral Area committee, and therefore when those wanting to speak as a delegation to this committee should apply.

I have been working closely with Metro Vancouver staff, and they have confirmed that they will make me aware once they know the date of the EA Committee at which this application will be considered.  They will post information, including the meeting date, application information, and how residents can sign up to be a delegation to speak to the EA Committee, on the Metro Vancouver website, and I will share that information with residents as soon as it is available.  It is important to me that residents have adequate time to review the application, submit any additional comments, and to apply to speak as a delegation to the EA Committee, if they wish to do so.

I want to assure residents again that all feedback you have already submitted as part of the original rezoning application will be considered by the EA Committee and the Metro Vancouver Board. If you have additional comments to share, feel free to email Metro Vancouver at Marcin.Pachcinski@metrovancouver.org<mailto:Marcin.Pachcinski@metrovancouver.org>, and copy me (areaajen@gmail.com<mailto:areaajen@gmail.com>).

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