About Jen

As a mother to two elementary school aged children, and a passionate supporter of our environment, I feel fortunate to have a voice in regional decision making. Having worked on complex global health issues for more than ten years, I appreciate the opportunity to now apply my global expertise to local issues and to have a voice in how we grow and what we prioritize as a region.

For the past three years I have served as the Electoral Area A Director on Metro Vancouver’s Board of Directors, and on the Mayors’ Council for Regional Transportation, as well as a number of boards and committees.

I approach my decisions and policy making from a social justice and climate lens, and am passionate about issues such as climate action, affordability, reconciliation, and creating a livable region for my children’s and their children’s generations. At a more local level, I enjoy facilitating ideas from neighbours and local groups that will make our communities even better. I work hard to create and foster a strong sense of connectedness amount residents, and use my role to help organize events within the community.

Through my role as EAA Director, I do my best to understand and prioritize the needs of various communities that make up Electoral Area A, and be an effective advocate at the regional decision-making bodies (Metro Vancouver and the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation).  Feel free to contact me at areaajen@gmail.com

Jen and her family on a family run

Jen’s Background and Relevant Experience

Jen has lived on UBC campus for eight years, first as a graduate student and now with her family in the UNA’s Hawthorn Place. She is a highly-engaged  member of the community, serving on her school PAC and building strata council, and as a coach for soccer and cross country. Jen has also led a nature program in Pacific Spirit Park for children and families, and, on special days, for seniors in the community.

Working on strengthening health systems in countries across Africa helped shape Jen’s perspective. This photo was taken in rural South Sudan

For the 10+ years before moving into local politics, Jen managed complex public health projects in an international setting, primarily in countries across Africa. Her work and academic  experience has given her the leadership and communication skills to work effectively with mayors and councillors from across Metro Vancouver.

Prior to her career in public health, Jen worked for eight years as a physiotherapist in several Vancouver area hospitals. She has a doctorate degree in public health, and holds degrees from four universities, including UBC and Harvard.

In her spare time, Jen is happiest outdoors with her husband and two children. She can often be found running, biking, kayaking or camping with her family.

Backpacking in beautiful BC is a favourite summer activity

You can read more about Jen’s professional background on her LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jencapell/.

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