TransLink Engagement Session Resources

On May 5th, we were joined by representatives from TransLink to hear more about their Transport 2050 Plan, and the potential SkyTrain Extension to UBC. Here is the audio recording of the session, as well as the two presentations that were made.

Creating Inclusive Communities: Strategies for Enhancing Racial Equity and Inclusion

Thank you to all who were able to join us for what I found to be a powerful and important conversation about racism and implicit bias. I very much appreciated the words of our experts and of community members who were willing to share their experiences of racism right here in Electoral Area A.

Here is a list of resources for further reading and listening on this topic:

You can listen to an audio recording of the session here, as well as review the presentations made by Councillor and CEO Trish Mandewo

and UBC Associate Professor, Dr Beth Hirsh.

COVID Coping, Connecting and Community

In February, 2021, I hosted an engagement session on ways that we can better cope, connect, and build community during the pandemic. Below, you will find three links related to this session.

The first is the slide presentation that our first speaker, Dr. Emily Jenkins provided. She shared results form her recent study of the effects of the pandemic on mental health.

The second is a video of Dr. Shel Nathanson’s presentation on practical ways to cope and connect during the pandemic.

The third is an extensive resource list that I have compiled on websites, programs and online resources to assist us with our mental health challenges. These range from hiking suggestions in the area, to online courses, to local programs.

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