Confused about voting? Here are some answers


If you live in area of Electoral Area A west of Blanca (and west of the City of Vancouver), you have likely received a somewhat confusing “Voter Information Card” from the city of Vancouver. This card tells you that you can vote for a Vancouver mayor, councillors, park board commissioners and school trustees. Unfortunately, that is not accurate. Residents of the UEL, UNA and UBC neighbourhoods have two categories that they are voting for on Oct 15th:

  1. One Electoral Area A Director
  2. Nine School trustees (since our kids go to VSB schools)

Of course, I hope that you will re-elect me as your Electoral Area Director. You can read more about the two candidates here, and I encourage you to check out the rest of my website to find out more about me. I’d also love to connect either in person, by phone, or by email. Please reach out to me at

For school trustees, you can find out more about the candidates here:


You do not need to bring your voter’s card (though it may speed up the process if you have one).

If you live in Metro Vancouver’s Electoral Area A, bring 2 documents (at least one must have your signature) to prove residency and identity. You can read more here.


Early voting for residents of UNA/UBC/UEL is on Oct 5th and Oct 8th at Dunbar Community Centre from 8a-8p. Regular voting will take place on Oct 15th from 8am-8pm at the UBC AMS Nest, and at UHill Secondary school in Wesbrook Village.

From now until Oct 4th, you can request a mail in ballot here.

I know that it is confusing. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions…. and please don’t forget to VOTE!

confusing mail from the City of Vancouver suggesting that we vote for a mayor and councillors out here in Electoral Area A. We don’t. We vote for an Electoral Area Director (hopefully me!) and for Vancouver School Trustees

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