Thank you for all your support!

We did it!! Thank you so much to all Electoral Area A residents who took the time to get out and vote in the election, and especially to those who voted to send me back to the Metro Vancouver Board and TransLink Mayors’ Council. I hear that there were some long line ups on Election Day, which is great for democracy, but not ideal for individuals – thank you for your perseverance.

While campaigning is not my favourite way to interview for a job, I did really enjoy all the conversations I was able to have with residents. Please know that I took note of the concerns and suggestions that you raised, and will do my best to help address them. I also hope that more residents are now aware of the Electoral Area Director position, and that you will reach out when you have questions or concerns that I may be able to help with.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me during the election campaign – I couldn’t have done it without you. Whether it was through donations to my campaign, handing out brochures, spreading a good word to neighbours, making cupcakes (a special thank you to a 10 year old supporter for these!), or acting as a scrutineers at the polls, I am so thankful for your support. While there are too many people to thank personally, I do want to give an extra big thank you to Bill Holmes, Maria Harris, and my family (Murray, Simon and Emma) for all their guidance and support throughout the campaign. You are so awesome!

Finally, I want to wish my fellow candidate Jonah Gonzales all the best. I admire you for stepping up and running for public office, and I appreciate that – to my knowledge – our election was not subject to mudslinging and negativity that can surface during election campaigns. I would be happy to connect with you to bring forward some of your ideas for Electoral Area A.

Thank you again, and as always, please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. (

All the best,


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