What is Electoral Area A?

Electoral Area A is all the areas of Metro Vancouver that do not fall within a municipality (such as the City of Vancouver).  The largest communities within Electoral Area A is the University Endowment Lands (UEL) and UBC areas (including academic areas and the University Neighbourhoods, where I live with my family).  Other areas include rural communities on Barnston Island and on some portions of Pitt Lake, Howe Sound and Indian Arm.   Electoral Area A is represented by its Director at Metro Vancouver and the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, which are the regional decision-making bodies for a number of key issues that impact our communities.

These include:

  • Regional transportation (including the proposed Skytrain extension to UBC)
  • Regional land use planning
  • Management of Regional District parks, including Pacific Spirit Regional Park in the UEL/UBC area and Robert Point Rest Area and Mann Point on Barnston Island 
  • Affordable housing through Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation 
  • Water, waste management and air quality management

Areas shown in orange are part of Metro Vancouver’s Electoral Area A – source: Metro Vancouver
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