Exciting News To Share….

I am excited to announce that I will be seeking re-election for the position of Electoral Area A (EAA) Director this fall. These past three years have been filled with learning, listening and leading in what have been challenging times both globally and locally.  Although local government was new to me when I was elected in 2019, I have found that my global public health experience in managing complex problems and approaching planning through a systems approach has been highly beneficial. 

All local government elections in BC, including the election for EAA Director, will be held on Oct 15th (with advanced polling available as well).  I hope I can count on your vote in this election.

I am proud of my work over the past three years to represent EAA residents. I believe that I have successfully increased public engagement and awareness of local and regional issues through my newsletters and engagement sessions.  I have advocated for residents and increased understanding at the regional level of issues that impact our communities, and raised awareness of the challenges of our unique governance structure.  By working hard to understand the issues that face our community and region, I have gained the respect of my fellow leaders at various regional tables, including the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors and TransLink’s Mayors’ Council for Regional Transportation, and the region’s Zero Emission Innovation Centre. I was honoured to be selected by my colleagues to serve on a number of additional committees and boards, including the Mayors’ Committee, Climate Action Committee, Finance Committee, E-Comm Board of Directors, Ocean Watch Action Committee, and several others  (please see the last page of my newsletters for a full list of these appointed or elected positions).

It hasn’t all been easy.  The pandemic has certainly been a challenging time for society, individuals, and for local governments alike.  And I have come to appreciate how the unique governance structure of EAA within Metro Vancouver – namely, the split local governance among multiple players that include UBC, the province, and the 40+ person Metro Vancouver Board – prevent me from being able to directly effect change on issues that residents bring to my attention or that I feel require my leadership. However, I am learning the power of advocacy and using my voice to influence change and amplify the voices of those with great ideas but who have traditionally been marginalized.  I’m excited for the next four years and what I can bring to the leadership table at both the local and regional level.

Over the coming weeks, I will be getting my campaign into full swing.  I find the idea of campaigning a little daunting.  While I love speaking with members of the community, putting myself out there through brochures and lawn signs, and asking others for help does not come naturally to me.  If you are willing to help with the campaign, please can you fill out this short form, or send me an email (areaajen@gmail.com)  If you felt that I represented you well over these past years, I ask that you put in a good word for me with your neighbours, and ask them to vote for me in October.

Some of the ways that you can get involved are (more to come in the coming weeks…):

  • Helping design the campaign (brochures, buttons, lawn signs, events)
  • Helping deliver brochures and/or spread the word to neighbours
    • Making a financial contribution to my campaign
  • Spreading the word to neighbours and friends if you think that I would make a valuable contribution to the community through this role

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who has engaged with or supported me over these past three years.  Your ideas and suggestions and words of encouragement were extremely valuable and helped shape my ideas and arguments.

I very much hope to be able to serve the community for the next four years.  Many thanks in advance for your support.

All the best,


Jen and her family at Locarno beach, Vancouver. Photo credit: Lori Ormrod

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