UBC and UEL Surveys on the Future of Each Part of Electoral Area Currently Live

UBC’s Campus Vision 2050 Survey

As you may know, UBC is in the process of developing their vision for the UNA neighbourhoods and the academic campus for the next 30 years (called “Campus Vision 2050“). You can read more about the process here. The current stage of engagement for Campus Vision 2050 includes a survey to gather feedback on the priorities and key strategies (for each priority). Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here (open until April 12th)


To learn more and get involved:

  1. Visit the Campus Vision 2050 website to read a summary of what we heard during the January/February engagement period. 
  2. Attend a Campus Vision 2050 Engagement Session on April 6 (in person at IKB), or April 9 (in person at Wesbrook Community Centre).
  3. Share this quick 2-minute video with your family, friends, colleagues, classmates and neighbours and encourage them to participate in Campus Vision 2050.

UEL Governance Study Survey

UEL residents, the UEL Governance Study is also seeking feedback from the community right now. Until April 14th, residents can give their input on a number of possible changes to the UEL governance study. Have your voice heard by filling out the survey at http://www.uelgovernance.ca

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