Second small fire on UBC Peninsula

On Thursday, July 8th, there was another small fire on the UBC Peninsula. It was extinguished quickly by Vancouver Fire Department, with support from Metro Vancouver Parks and Watershed Protection crews.  The fire was approximately 0.6 hectares in size, and was located on Ross Drive, near TRIUMF Research Center.

Once again, this fire serves as a very real reminder of the risk of fire in our parks and other green spaces during the dry summer months. Please be extremely vigilant about avoiding any fire potential, such as from cigarettes and campfires, the latter of which are now banned across the province (you can read more about the latest fire restrictions in BC here).  

 Smoking is prohibited in all Metro Vancouver regional parks and greenways, except in designated smoking areas. Check the Pacific Spirit Regional Park webpage frequently for the latest fire rating information and for current restrictions on outdoor cooking appliances.

If you see or smell any signs of fire, please call 911 immediately.

To engage your children in fire safety, check out Ember’s Den, which includes an engaging mascot with a video and a colouring book that has great tips. 

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