TransLink Engagement Session Reminder and Resources for Inclusive Communities

Thank you very much to all who were able to attend last week’s Engagement session on Creating Inclusive Communities: Strategies for Enhancing Racial Equity and Inclusion.   On the resource page of my website HERE, I have compiled a list of resources, as well as the presentations by our two guest speakers. In the coming days, the audio recording will also be posted to this page.  I encourage you to take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test that was referenced in the session.

I also wanted to remind residents about the engagement session that will be happening this Wednesday (tomorrow!) on TransLink’s 2050 Transport Plan, and in particular, the potential USC Skytran Extension.  Join us to hear from TransLink staff, to ask questions, and to give your input.  In addition, please make sure to take their survey here.  See below for Zoom info.
As with all my engagement sessions, everyone is welcome to join, so please pass this along this information to others who may be interested in joining.  

Wednesday, May 5th from 7-8:30pm on Zoom:

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